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Quantum X Grenade For Destroying Unwanted Internal Representations

It can happen that unwanted internal representations "flash up" repeatedly, even though one may try one's best to think of something else, or to ignore the internal representation. There are also internal representations that could be based on memories, and a particularly unhelpful class of these are "future fears" - making internal representations of traumatic events in the future that haven't happened yet.

The Quantum X Grenade pattern is a last resort technique to destroy the entire thoughtfield and to take it out altogether, rather than attempting to change it in any way, which is the more usual cause of action.

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This is quite simple to do.

Visualise a brightwhite light, like a laser beam, striking the internal representation right in the center and setting it on fire; a super hot white fire that spreads out from the center and *consumes* the entire internal representation, until everything is in "white out" and that point, an explosion occurs - the representation is totally shattered and turns to glittering fairy dust, the most basic components of reality, which gently glitter and drift in a clear black space like an endless night sky.

This is a very restful energy state and one may enjoy it for as long as is required.

Should this or a similar or related internal representation turn up again, blow it up with another Quantum X grenade.

React as fast as possible - remember to start it off with the brightwhite burn right in the center, and have it burn, explode, and turn to soothing fairy dust in a fast sequence.

With a minimum of practice, this destroys the unwanted internal representations fast and reliably; and they will not be represented by the energy mind (unconscous mind) again.

I would advise a little caution in using this pattern and to leave it for special purposes; you are blowing up EVERYTHING in that internal representation, there will be no survivors, no component is spared.

If the unwanted internal representations just contains unwanted *components* ( a scary monster, a traffic accident in the middle of the road, an *action* by another person that is unwanted, even though that other person is not unwanted), you are better off to target those individual components for change or removal instead.

For totally unacceptable internal representations, on the other hand, the Quantum X Grenade is the perfect pattern to restore peace, utterly reject that which we do not want to have anything to do with, and represents a high end signal to the energy mind what we DO NOT want in our lives.


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Posted Apr 1, 2009   

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