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Hypnotic Poem: Relax

What is the difference between a poem and a hypnotic induction? I don't think there is one. Both should take charge of the readers/listeners/subjects internal representations and take them wherever the poet or hypnotist wants to take them. Here is an example of a relaxation induction, rendered as a hypnotic poem, and suitably entitled, "Relax!"

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Relax ...


Relax my love
and breathe in ease,
breathe deeply
like the ocean tides
that ebb and flow
and no-one knows
quite when and how
it all began
but it is here,
and it is now,
and all is well,
and all is well.

Relax my love,
sit back, lie down,
let gentle comfort
flow through you
a warming pulse
from deep within
where all is peace
and restful quiet,
where all is
as it always was,
will be forever,
faith and trust
and hope is here,
a fire that will always
glow, a fire that is
you and you
and you.

Be still, my love,
let gravity now take away
all that, and this,
and more besides,
until you float
in comfort, all your senses
deepening now,
and restful is this time
of wonderment, of nothing more
than learning to let go and trust
that you are held
in loving arms
embraced and lifted
all the same,
and nourished,
rocked and raised,
and every breath you take
will take you higher,
higher, higher.

And now my love
the wonderworlds await,
the worlds of dreams,
the worlds of truth,
they are the same,
with angels touch
and angels wings
they point the way
to freedom, wide
expansion, blue for you
awaits the day,
awaits the night,
you fly
you soar
you own the land,
you own the life,
and time before,
and time beyond
unfolds for you
in perfect clarity.

SFX January 2010




NLP Hypnosis Exercise:

Working with an NLP Relaxation Induction Script

I wrote this piece as an example of hypnotic poetry and chose the basic "relaxation induction" that precedes many hypnosis processes on this occasion to demonstrate how you can make a plain, bread and butter relaxation script into something far more interesting by letting it be a poem, letting it become poetic.

This is a three step down relaxation process taking place that leads to the fourth state, "and now the wonderworlds await ..." at which point the actual purpose of the hypnotic induction comes along, and we can now talk about whatever the purpose of the hypnosis session might be.

If you are a student of NLP hypnosis and/or energy work, you can do the following with this example hypnotic induction poem.

1. Read it out aloud a few times to get the hang of how it works, and to find the rhythm in the words and sentences, become familiar with them.

2. Deliver this as a hypnotic induction and record yourself. Watch the propensity of NLP hypnotists to start the "Ericksonian Growl" before it is appropriate and let your voice shift NATURALLY as YOU step into the hypnotic delivery state yourself as the hypnotic poem/relaxation induction unfolds.

3. Listen back a few times, each time with a different attitude of consciousness - as a hypnotic subject, as a hypnosis teacher, as yourself and deal with any problems, reversals or zzzzts you discover along the way.

4. Re-record the hypnotic poem until you are satisfied.

5. Then play the recording to yourself, and ADD A PURPOSE - write the next parts to this hypnotic poem, what do you want to suggest once we have reached the state of perfect clarity?

You can take this into a guided meditation - this is presupposed by "the wonderworlds unfold" and particularly easy to do; but you can also take it into a real NLP type induction, do timeline, or any kind of hypnotic changework you might like.

6. Then you will need to write an "emergence" piece to go at the end - the transition from the induction to the waking state. Make it elegant so there is no jarring as the person emerges.

7. Now record and deliver the complete hypnotic induction.

With a bit of practice, finding the rhythm and the right internal representations to make really beautiful hypnotic inductions that feel so gorgeous, expansive, and are much, much more than the sum of the words becomes natural and easy.

It's a delightful skill and something quite special you can be proud of having achieved.

Have fun and learn lots with hypnosis poems!

Silvia Hartmann

January 2010


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Posted Jan 22, 2010   

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