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The Hypno-Sleep Spiral

Now for something really useful, extremely neat and quite delightful in every way - the hypno-sleep spiral.

This is a very, very cool pattern to help someone get to sleep at night by entering into consecutively deeper and deeper trance states, ending up with hypno-sleep that turns into natural sleep by itself; but there's a lot more to this self hypnosis pattern than meets the eyes.

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One thing about this advanced energy hypnosis pattern is that it teaches autogenic attention and awareness; this sounds difficult but is in fact amazingly easy if you know what you're supposed to do.

What's REALLY fascinating about the pattern is is that as you go through the levels of the spiral from one "dream within a dream" to the next, the habitats become consecutively more abstract - until a point is reached where the consciousness can no longer compute that level of abstraction and gives up; that's the moment where hypno-sleep arrives and the purpose of this pattern for the general public (and also for sleepless NLPers in a moment of need :-)

For people who are good with trance, and especially who are interested in the high end lucid trance states that are just so delicious in every way, this pattern offers the opportunity to work with the question, "How long can I stay awake? How much can my consciousness take before it gives up? What happens just before I lose consciousness? And how many levels into the dream within a dream can I go?"

Now THAT is what I call pure, unadulterated NLP style fun :-)


Posted Apr 23, 2009   

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