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Conscious To Unconscious Communication - Introducing The Energy Mind

Trusting, Trusting The Unconscious Mind ...

One of the major precepts of advanced NLP language and hypnosis is that the NLP operator have at least some communication with their unconscious mind, as it is impossible to deal with the real complexities of intent, outcome, language, state and energy in consciousness alone. To create a successful NLP type hypnotic induction, for example, it is the unconscious mind that needs to deliver the right internal representation in the right order and sequence to achieve the desired outcome for the trance.

Here is a redefinition of what the unconscious mind is, how it works, and how to successfully communicate with the unconscious mind, by Silvia Hartmann, Designer of Project Sanctuary & The Genius Symbols.

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Conscious To Unconscious Communication -

Introducing The Energy Mind

by Silvia Hartmann, Designer, Project Sanctuary & The Genius Symbols


Good morning, everyone, and be very welcome to this introduction to a new approach to communicating with your unconscious mind.

Now then, how shall we title today's lecture?

Let me think ...

How about:

From Insanity To Brilliantly Clear Logic - A NEW Metaphor For The Human Mind

Does that sound good?

Let's try another one:

It's Not Unconscious, It Is Ever Present: Your Genius Mind & How To Bring It Online In 6 Easy Steps

Alright then, one more:

Pure Data Streams Of Unimaginable Richness - Meet Your Energy Mind, The Best Friend A Boy Could Ever Have!


I'm having a little fun with this, to help us all lighten up, take a deep breath and learn something new and something interesting.

Let's start at the beginning - what exactly is the unconscious mind?

Now as this has never been successfully defined or logically explained in any way, for many people their attempts at communicating with it stop right there - HOW are you supposed to have a communication with someone if you don't know who they are, what they're like OR EVEN IF THEY EXIST AT ALL!

So if you would follow me here for a moment, I propose a model of thought that works really well, and it is really quite immaterial, if this is "true" or not.

Let's say that people have an energy system - this is sometimes called, The Energy Body.

For those who believe in this kind of thing, there are also other energy forms that make up the Energy Body, such as the Heart Center, an energy system at the center of the energy body that powers all of it; meridians, which are like veins, transporting energy around the energy body, and of course the healing hands, hands made up of pure energy that affect energy forms and that can perfectly well manipulate and shape energy forms, just as the flesh hands may shape material clay.

At some point I decided to take this metaphor of the HUMAN energy BODY and make it fully manifest - take it all the way, instead of having just a few piecemeal bits and bobs here and there.

I stipulated that the energy body would also have processes that are like nutrition - systems for drawing energy out of the environment, processing this energy, taking nourishment from it and releasing waste products.

I stipulated that the energy body would most likely have energy eyes - systems that can "see" or read energetic realities; and energy ears, possibly extra systems such as energy feelers as well (why not?).

And then I said, well how about giving the human body an ENERGY HEAD -  and that would be the unconscious mind!

Now you have to admit, that's just delightful.

It fits so well and gives us a whole new term to replace those uncomfortable words like unconscious mind, or subconscious mind, with something much more exciting, much less convoluted - the energy mind.

Try it.

"I have an energy body, and I have an energy mind!"

It's a nice, simple metaphor; it makes sense, it takes out all the old learnings and entrainments and  offers us the choice to start FRESH, start anew, and begin to build bridges - and they would probably be bridges made from energy and information streams - within ourselves.


The Consciousness And The Energy Mind

If you consider the energy body and the physical body, it is immediately clear that they are both parts of a greater system which encompasses them both, and other things besides.

The same thing happens when we consider the consciousness, and the energy mind - clearly, both of those are ALSO part of ONE SINGLE GREATER SYSTEM that is supposed to work together, that we have inherited from evolution, or the Great Creative Order, if you will.

As such, we can immediately say that there MUST BE *****NATURAL***** pathways that already exist by the very nature of our design which are what we are supposed to use for the mysterious conscious-to-energy mind communication.

Something went wrong somewhere, and we are not using the human systems correctly at present, and this misuse of our own design blueprint is the reason for all the trouble that people have with their subconscious and unconscious minds - but we don't need to have with our very own energy minds, especially not if we start paying some attention and follow some of the very most basic rules of investigation and exploration.

If you are any kind of NLPer, you will have noticed that I am building a model here from the ground up, and this model may be simple, but it is structurally designed to allow a person to have another go at the problem of the "two minds" in a fresh, new way, and without bringing all the baggage that has accumulated like so much sediment over the ages about the human mind and psyche.

Using the idea that the energy mind, being a NATURAL SYSTEM, therefore must also obey all the rules of GENERAL CREATION, we can say a few things about this unknown energy mind already.

We can say, for example, with a great degree of certitude, that it is most likely IMMENSELY LOGICAL.

All other existences and systems in the Creative Order are, so this one cannot be an exception to the universal rules that rule - THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

We can further say that it cannot be something that isn't useful for survival, or threatens human survival in any way, because if it was, we wouldn't have it at all after some 100,000 years of evolution.

So that takes out the three main limiting "beliefs and judgements" that are globally made about the old subconscious and unconscious minds out of the equation immediately - namely that they are dangerous, insane, and illogical.

A sigh of relief all around, really.


ONE Natural System


The energy mind being made out of energy, and the conscious mind likewise, we may presume that we are talking about data streams that need to be processed in some way.

As both the consciousness and the energy mind are a part of ONE SINGLE SYSTEM, we may further presume that they both have a part to play in the processing of information.

As the heart doesn't stop beating when we take a breath, and as just about all physical processes are happening at the same time, it stands to reason to presume that the energy mind and the conscious mind are not designed to work sequentially - i.e. one starts, and the other stops - but that they are supposed to work in sync and at the same time in one single system of information processing.

This is clearly far from the case in humans as we observe ourselves, and others around us; this is not the observed reality.

In the past, there have been many attempts by people to overcome the problem of the conscious/unconscious split.

This has nearly always led to one, or the other, being either sequentially, or completely excluded from that big information processing party.

Modern science, for example, tries to get by on conscious information alone and seeks to switch off the energy mind altogether; lots of spiritual practices go 180' on that notion and try to switch off the conscious mind so the energy mind can rule the day.

This also happens in standard hypnosis - the consciousness is confused or bored into leaving the building, or "put to sleep" so that it is "out of the way" and "post hypnotic suggestions can be pumped into the subconscious".

I can't tell you how much and how deeply I dislike these approaches.

To me, it has always been blatantly obvious that we must aim for another state altogether, namely one where BOTH energy mind and conscious mind come into harmony with one another, and start to work TOGETHER as a single system, as it was designed to.

When that happens, you do not get a small or linear increase of information processing capability - you get a massive threshold shift of effectiveness into "genius" as the direct result, and instantly so.


The Sanctuary State

I therefore propose that there is a "place" where the energy mind and the consciousness can meet, where both are present, neither is switched off, and where a first communication can take place, so that both can actually learn how to communicate with each other in a safe and supportive environment.

The Sanctuary State is a finely balanced occurrence, halfway between what we are used to know as "full conscious awareness", a sad state of mental poverty where the energy mind and all it has to offer is just absent, and people can only rely on a miniscule portion of their actual information receiving- and processing abilities, and where life is inexplicable, unpredictable, and incredibly hard; and the states we know as trance, where the conscious mind isn't even present and so we don't even remember what went on there, never mind be able to consciously guide it, control it or make use of any of it.

I can tell you that practically, and having worked with various devices to enter into the Sanctuary state, and with many tens of thousands of people, probably more by now, that this is not an approach as yet that you can teach in five minutes to the average man in the street; but it certainly represents a line of enquiry that really does bring some fantastic fruit along its many paths.

One of my latest research pieces, which does put conscious and energy mind communication into the hands of anyone who wants to play, is the Genius Symbols.

These are very simple symbols which can be readily recognised by both the energy mind, and the conscious mind, and form a kind of basic Rosetta Stone alphabet to begin communicating directly.


Questions, And Answers To And From The Energy Mind

The Genius Symbols offer a simple, structural way in which we (consciously) get to query the energy mind for data - we can ask questions.

The energy mind then responds with answers.

That is not the whole story however, because the occasions where people took isolated energy mind data into consciousness, TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD the content of that data, and then went on to create bizarre, inhuman and essentially insane systems and ideas from this, are veritably legion. In fact, it is exactly that half-educated movement of mind that has given the subconscious mind of old such a bad a reputation that the new religion of science decided to do away with it completely.

It is not enough to open streams of communication from the energy mind. The conscious mind must learn to understand what this communication means, it must translate these messages correctly.

In order to be able to do that, the consciousness, that would be we, sitting here, me writing, you reading - must learn the language of metaphor.

In both Project Sanctuary, as well as the much simplified Genius Symbols, this happens by immersion simply as you play the game.

I don't know of any other method to teach the language of metaphor to conscious minds.

It is structurally different, and inherently alien, compared to the linear thought forms and linear computations employed by the conscious mind, and our spoken and written languages.

You cannot learn it from a phrase book, and more than that, each occurrence is idiosyncratic to the person in question - it is like every single person owns a language all of their own, that is shaped by their life's experiences, and unique to that one person.

This simple fact has once again escaped many if not all over the millennia; and it is because of that essentially personal and idiosyncratic internal language of the energy mind that so many misunderstandings have come into being - interpersonal as well as intra-personal, and intra- and inter-societal as well.

  • By learning your own metaphor language, you learn how to communicate with your own energy mind.

In so doing, you also learn the STRUCTURE of the language of the energy mind, and so it becomes much easier to understand, interpret, and offer metaphors that OTHER PEOPLE'S energy minds might also do something with, at the end of the day.

So, and to sum up the most important points.

We all have an energy mind; it is a normal, natural system of the human totality and functions perfectly logical, as all designs from the Creative Order do.

The energy mind is structurally designed to work in harmony with the conscious mind to produce VASTLY improved data recognition and computation abilities.

The energy mind is a system that simply exists within the human totality; it is the CONSCIOUS MIND that has to make the requisite movements to re-connect with the energy mind, not the other way around.

There is an overall mind/body state between waking awareness and unconscious trance where the energy mind and the conscious mind COME INTO HARMONY. We call this the Sanctuary State.

The main purpose at this time of entering into the Sanctuary State and to start basic communications with the energy mind is to LEARN HOW THE ENERGY MIND COMMUNICATES.

To learn this FIRST, and BEFORE storming in with heavy handed for change of a system that is so little understood, IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Further, the "will to re-unification" changes the behaviour of the conscious mind, and how we conduct ourselves in relationship to the energy mind.

Instead of fearing it or trying to conquer it, we begin to make connections, build bridges, and become more and more informed about what the energy mind actually is, what it can and can't do, and what the respective roles of the conscious mind and the energy mind in day-to-day data processing for survival actually are supposed to be.

Finally, by DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (rather than reading other people's books about what they think yet more other people are or aren't experiencing!) ONE individual person gets to make those reconnections, with their own energy mind, in a highly personalised fashion that is different for every single human being who attempts this.

It is ONLY by personal experience that the relationship between the conscious mind, and the energy mind, can be re-build over time, so that trust develops, and new modes of thinking, doing, and being are discovered which then replace old entrainments, thoughts and behaviours that went before.

I offer you this model because it is simple, it is HUMAN, and it works.

If you are new to conscious/energy mind communication, or so old that it has all become too much of a mess to be of any use to you in practice any longer, I recommend you try The Genius Symbols.

They are very simple and build up cause-and-effect learning from the start, and have been specially designed by me to counteract the usual blockages and reversals that exist in our systems and which block an elegant, easy and most of all, NATURAL flow of information around what should be one single system by virtue of design.


Conscious To Unconscious Communication - Introducing The Energy Mind © Silvia Hartmann 2009


Posted Mar 31, 2009   

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