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   Dr Silvia Hartmann Owner of 1-NLP.comWelcome to - Here you can find articles on practical NLP uses, NLP Language patterns, learning NLP, NLP metaphor, NLP essays and NLP Blog by Silvia Hartmann, the designer of Energy Hypnosis, Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, Events Psychology and EmoTrance, originator of the Aspects Model, the SUE Scale, the Energy Body Stress Chart; chairman of The AMT and author of "Infinite Creativity."

Silvia loves NLP and considers NLP to be an interesting and very rewarding tool set on the way to understanding people better. Although she does not teach NLP, as a world expert on metaphor she credits her journey through NLP with having given her the ability to clarify her thought, work with structural patterns and resolve many existing problems in communication and language.

Silvia particularly credits Dr Richard Bandler's work on Design Human Engineering to help her refine her own work on organic metaphors - the language of the energy mind.

We welcome all who love NLP.

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Instant Change by Submodalities & Internal Representations

This is a fast, advanced change pattern to free people from unfortunate and uncomfortable "word viruses" which poison every sentence they occur in. First published in 2005 and with annotations from 2015, this is a conversational change pattern with amazing repercussions.

Posted Feb 2, 2015 169 Reads Learn More --->

Beyond NLP: The Future of NLP

Beyond NLP: The Future of NLP

So, you've done your 9th Meta Master Trainer's Training in NLP, and it was fun, as it always is, but now, you might ask the question - what's next?

Posted Feb 2, 2015 234 Reads Learn More --->

Nominalisations & Entities - The Perfect Path To Endless Failure

I just received an email with the title of, "Kill procrastination!"

Procrastination is a nominalisation, a process verb that has been turned into a noun. In NLP, it's said that if you can't put it into a wheelbarrow, then it's probably a nominalisation. But it's worse than just that. When you start having personal, emotional (energetic!) relationships with your nominalisation, an entity is born. Only, it doesn't exist ...

Posted Jan 18, 2015 237 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Patterns Are Great - But What's A "Pattern"?

NLP Patterns Are Great - But What

During a conversation the topic of patterns arose. A good pattern, once discovered, can make a career. Just ask the guys with "The Secret" ... 

NLP talks of patterns, I talk of patterns. Sometimes I even talk of meta-patterns and mega-meta-patterns LOL. So - what is a pattern?

Posted Feb 26, 2014 1,382 Reads Learn More --->

The NLP Zodiac Cage Buster

The NLP Zodiac Cage Buster

This is a classic example of spontaneous NLP Hypnosis in action. Based on a piece of conversational NLP hypnosis change work, the following NLP hypnosis script is designed to overcome a limiting beliefs which are directly created by suggestions or ideas gathered from misunderstanding astrology.

Posted Aug 28, 2011 7,118 Reads Learn More --->

Putting The Fear Of God Into THEM

THEY are coming! THEY are out to get you! THEY are EVERYWHERE!

THEY are always watching your every move, listening to every word you say and THEY will use it against you!

Well, the worm is spiralling ... upwards and more upwards still, so get ready to be ...

Posted Aug 25, 2011 8,133 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Novel - Free Online!

NLP Novel - Free Online!

Ah you've got to love the game ... it's not the game of thrones these days, it's the game of keywords. Anybody out there ever look for a real honest free NLP Novel?

Well ... if they are ... I've got such a thing!

Posted Jun 12, 2011 4,739 Reads Learn More --->

How To Multi-Task - Multi-Tasking From The NLP Point Of View

How To Multi-Task - Multi-Tasking From The NLP Point Of View

Multi-tasking - what is that? How does that work? My oldest son recently became a Pa and made the comment that he would now have to learn to multitask as he had to look after the baby for some days of the week. Now I've run a business with a baby on my hip so I know a thing or two about the kind of multi-tasking he's talking about, namely doing more than one thing at a time. However, I learned some harsh lessons on the reality of multi-tasking so I thought this was a good opportunity to put the baby down, place the NLP virtual reality headgear over the left eye and take a look at multi-tasking from the NLP point of view.

Posted Jun 12, 2011 3,943 Reads Learn More --->

Why Idiosyncratic Intrapersonal Metaphor Matters!

Why Idiosyncratic Intrapersonal Metaphor Matters!

Honestly ... People just don't know what they don't know. They presume that what they know is good enough to get by - and I guess it is. To get you "by." By what, I'm not sure; but that's beside the point. The point is that without a thorough understanding of the idiosyncratic intrapersonal nature of metaphor, true happiness can't be found. And that's a fact!

Posted Apr 18, 2011 4,215 Reads Learn More --->

Unbelievable Success!

Unbelievable Success!

How would you like to learn to feel better, become more successful at what you do, and make life a great deal more interesting and enjoyable all at the same time - with two straightforward NLP style neurological adjustments? As a New Year's present from me to you, here's something about - Unbelievable Success ... :-)

Posted Dec 22, 2010 9,793 Reads Learn More --->

Visualisation Exercise For Beginners

Visualisation Exercise For Beginners

Visualisation or imaging or even imagining isn't the same process as "looking through your hard eyes".

It isn't a physical skill that is required for visualisation but instead a shift in consciousness you might call "learning to see with the eyes of night" or your energy eyes instead. Think of it like ...

Posted Sep 8, 2010 7,605 Reads Learn More --->

Higher - A Different Direction In Hypnosis

"And now you are feeling very sleepy ... very heavy ... and you drift down and down into a deep, deep state of relaxation ..."

That's our classical hypnosis, taking us "down" into relaxation and then unconsciousness, which always begs the question of, "Did I learn something here? Did something happen or did I just go to sleep?"

Well, hypnosis means sleep but I think we can safely extend that, go the other way and instead of ever deeper and deeper into unconsciousness, we might as well go HIGHER.

Posted Jul 27, 2010 5,226 Reads Learn More --->

Killing The Part Of Me That Is My Father - Parts, NLP & Language

This parts conflict scenario is something that does happen, we are familiar with it, and so we are generally happy to accept the idea that people have "parts". In and of itself, that's already both dubious as well as problematic; where the concept of parts begins to move into insanity is when we start talking in terms of, "The part of me that is my father."

Posted Jun 25, 2010 5,535 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Brainwashing Reframe Example

What's a reframe? Is NLP brainwashing? I got both questions today and I thought, hey we can put those two together into a single article where we can reframe brain washing using NLP and then both questions are answered!

Posted Mar 30, 2010 14,561 Reads Learn More --->

The Candle

The Candle

Here is a classic example of a NLP style metaphor teaching story that is also quite hypnotic.

What's particularly cool about it is that this really happened, so it's a true story, just phrased in a slightly more mystical fashion and with the requisite language patterns in place.

Enjoy The Candle ... :-)

Posted Feb 28, 2010 5,641 Reads Learn More --->

Can You Read? Are You Sure ...?

I had a bit of a diatribe today about the word, "to read".

What does that mean?

To stutter out a string of letter pahonetically and somehow understand that this string of letters is supposed to mean "khe-ha-tut" - or cat?

No. I don't know what that is, but that's not reading.

Posted Feb 1, 2010 6,112 Reads Learn More --->

Bill Gates Quote Is NLP In A Nutshell

Bill Gates Quote Is NLP In A Nutshell

Alright, so it's called NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming. What that means is that you can program your neurology with language, the language being the software for the neurology, and the neurology being the hardware that runs the software.

And here comes Bill Gates with a fabulous quote that really does sum up all of NLP in a nutshell.

Posted Feb 1, 2010 9,525 Reads Learn More --->

Hypnotic Poem: Relax

What is the difference between a poem and a hypnotic induction? I don't think there is one. Both should take charge of the readers/listeners/subjects internal representations and take them wherever the poet or hypnotist wants to take them. Here is an example of a relaxation induction, rendered as a hypnotic poem, and suitably entitled, "Relax!"

Posted Jan 22, 2010 10,074 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Diagram: The Map Is Not The Territory

NLP Diagram Map Not Territory - NLP Head DiagramThe Map Is Not The Territory ... in this much quoted NLP basic statement lies not just a world of possibilities, but as many worlds of possibilities and potential as there are people who are making maps of the territory.

Here is a NLP diagram illustrating the basic principle of map and territory (also known as the "NLP Head"), internal representations, intrapersonal reality and how it comes to be that if we change someone's internal representations, we change their world.

Posted Jan 9, 2010 23,352 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Internal Representations: The Alpha & Omega Of Communication Excellence

One - if not actually, THE! - master key to understanding how communication works and how we can use language, state, touch, movement and energy to "influence" what a person thinks and how they feel is to really understand what internal representations are and how they work.

In fact, the contribution Count Alfred Korzybski made when he wrote Science & Sanity and for the first time in human recorded history, laid out how reality, internal representations and language hang together in a "geared mechanism" can simply NOT be underestimated.

Posted Dec 20, 2009 7,426 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Language & Energy Examples & Exercises

NLP language plus a little EmoTrance energy work make for an interesting combination. Here is an article from 2008 on taking apart a sentence about depression, and doing a bit of neuro linguistic programming with it, looking at the presuppositions, and FEELING the energy effects. Cool stuff!

Posted Nov 24, 2009 5,302 Reads Learn More --->

Phonological Ambiguities - What Are They Good For?

That's an interesting question. The first answer I have to that is that phonological ambiguities are fun and they always make me chuckle inside. Which is not something that one might easily say about a lot of other NLP patterns.

So I guess I better explain what a phonological ambiguity is for the newbies and then we can go on to wonder what they're good for, apart from keeping Silvia amused.

Posted Nov 23, 2009 10,827 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Metaphor Story The Shortest Distance

What is the shortest distance between two points? It is held to be a direct line but that's NOT the whole NLP metaphor story ... Here we have one of those cases where real reality isn't like modelled reality.

Let me show you a picture to explain.

Posted Nov 13, 2009 4,768 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Story: Timeline Orientation In Time VS Through Time

Here is an example of a simple NLP story which is of course also a metaphor, and an NLP training story about timeline orientation - in time vs through time. With a touch of conversational NLP and hypnosis changework. See if you can track all the patterns in the story, and in the way this NLP story is told. Good luck!

Posted Nov 7, 2009 5,679 Reads Learn More --->

Singing NLP Reframe Plus

Once in a while, I have a little outburst with my NLP hat on. I do love it when that happens! NLP is SUCH fun, and simple things like the NLP reframe can be taken to SUCH extremes - and then it's even more fun. Now, to business. There is something more scary than public speaking. And that's ... singing in public!

Apart from basic NLP reframing, there are another happy dozen NLP patterns employed in this short sequence. See if you can spot them all - and if not, just lay back and enjoy!

Posted Oct 19, 2009 4,331 Reads Learn More --->

NLP Patterns - How To Build A New NLP Pattern

How do you build new NLP patterns?

The simple answer is by modeling a strategy of some kind, and create a basic NLP model. Then you test it, refine it, write it up in a step-by-step fashion and so the model becomes a pattern.

Many people think that the first step to NLP modeling is ...

Posted Sep 26, 2009 5,407 Reads Learn More --->

Mapping Across - Bug Fixing Your Mind

NLP Modeling is one thing - where you take a strategy that works in a particular context and you duplicate the strategy so that when you run it, you get the same beneficial outcomes as the original upon whom the model was based. A simple example of straight NLP modelling can be found here.

However, NLP modeling becomes much more fun and much more multi-dimensional when we extract a pattern and map it across to a completely different situation, environment or modality.

Here is an example of mapping across a strategy from bug fixing a piece of software to bug fixing your mind!

Posted Sep 25, 2009 5,840 Reads Learn More --->

The Alex Model Of Dealing With The Crap Modern Business Throws At Us

NLP modeling is a fine thing.

Once you get your head around how it works, there are opportunities for modelling excellence everywhere.

There are strategies and patterns that people do which are blatantly so much successful that what you might be using yourself that you take one look at that and say, "Yes! That's brilliant! I'm going to do exactly what he's doing - it's working, and I want it to work for me, as well!"

One such NLP modelling derived models is the above "Alex Model". It is truly brilliant, and brilliantly useful in 1001 situations us modern folk find ourselves in on a regular basis.

Posted Sep 4, 2009 4,299 Reads Learn More --->

Morphing Into Uncharted Waters

I just had a lovely NLP language/internal representations experience on a German translators forum. The poor guys there were tearing their hair out how to translate this sentence: "As the credit crisis deepens and morphs into uncharted waters, a little perspective is necessary on what it is costing, in both dollars and human terms."
Posted Sep 3, 2009 5,590 Reads Learn More --->

Limitations of NLP?

This question arrived just now: What are the limitations of NLP?

I shall have a go in good faith to discuss "the limitations of NLP".

Posted Aug 16, 2009 6,939 Reads Learn More --->
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